March-April 2018 @5Four

So whats new @5Four?.I have been settling into my new role at West Lothian College over the last 6 weeks. The next stage of our portfolio development will be to move into Colour images shot on large format film. I have been researching this over the last 6 months. To keep to our high standards we are striving to attain at 5four, I have decided that I will use slide film in particular I have always wanted to work with Fuji Velvia which has now been discontinued by Fuji in this format.

So I've decided on poses, model types and artistic direction of the images which I'll leave for further blog posts as we move through the next stage. On another note these images are going to be submitted for consideration by a French online gallery. I am really excited to shoot these images and I'm enjoying the accuracy and discipline that this style of photography is making me achieve.

Ally Robertson

5Four Photography

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