Family Portraits @ 5Four

We are offering Family portraits at 5Four Photography. The image above was a commission for her 80th birthday shot on 4x5 film then digitally scanned and printed on inkjet with a lustre finish. Mary was delighted with the finish of the final image which was shot at our studio in Livingston.

This is another commission for images of brothers Harry and Charlie. These were also shot on 4x5 film then scanned, printed and framed to A3 size as an xmas present for their mother. A beautiful gift and an amazing representation of what can be achieved by the process that we use at

5Four Photography.

These portrait sessions are available now in 2018 with the customer receiving a 1 hour session and an A3 framed print for an amazing £49.99

Slots available on request please contact the booking page or for information email using the message board on the contact page.

Ally Robertson @5four

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