Life in 5Four Photography

This was my first experience of using a 5"x4" large format camera. Initially we used the camera in the image below, this is large format Cambo. Fixed on a monorail with a f/5.6 lens equipped with a compur leaf shutter. We used Ilford FP4 125 monochrome sheet film.Through this journey back into film I am being tutored by fellow colleague and protagonist Neil Sinclair. We decided that our first controlled image would be a clock kindly donated by Neil's uncle before moving on to more complex compositions. Simple side lighting with barn doors was set up with a black background in the studio. Focus, composition, lighting, shutter speed are all elements we use in day to day photography but these are heightened when setting up the shot with the Large format camera. As Neil would say keep it simple for the first image. With us controlling the lighting we were able set the shutter speed to 125 and we bracketed 2 images at f/5.6 & f/8. Once images were shot dark slides emptied and processed by Neil using Ilfotec HC developer.

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